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Make sure you are using a supported operating system. Right now, Cubist works on:

  1. Linux (we use Ubuntu 22.04 for testing, but other distributions and versions should work as well)
  2. macOS 13

Windows is not supported at this time.

Currently, Cubist must be built from source, which requires a Rust compiler. We recommend using rustup to make sure that Cubist is built with a supported version of the Rust compiler.

Installing Cubist

You can install Cubist directly from its GitHub repo using cargo:

cargo \
--config net.git-fetch-with-cli=true \
install \
--git ssh://[email protected]/cubist-labs/cubist.git \
cubist-cli \

This will compile and install the cubist binary on your system. To test that the binary has been installed successfully, run:

cubist --help

If the installation was successful, the command should print a help message.